Small Law Firm Marketing: 10 Great Ideas To Pump Up Your Firm

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small law firm marketing

Small Law Firm Marketing: 10 Great Ideas To Pump Up Your Firm

10 Small Law Firm Marketing Ideas That Will Take Your Law Firm To The Next Level

Top 10 Law Firm Websites has the secret to small law firm marketing. We use it everyday to drive traffic to our law firm clients. Below are some marketing tips that small law firms can do to get their phones ringing. 

Small Law Firm Marketing: Branding And Image

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Creative

small law firm marketingAttorneys have a hard time thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing. It doesn’t make them bad lawyers or or horrible business men. Lawyers are trained to be lawyers not spin doctors. 

One thing to remember, out of the box marketing drives opportunities. It develops potential leads and opportunities. Sure, other lawyers may look down on you for your marketing. Who cares? They’re not paying your bills.

Getting Your Branding Strategy To Resonate

The hard part most firms have is crystallizing a brand and marketing strategy around that resonates. Attorney Sam Bernstein in Detroit, Michigan is a great example of branding that resonates. Bernstein turned his father’s personal injury law firm into a household name in Detroit with his 1-800-Call-Sam commercials.

Bernstein’s TV ads are simple, repetitive and portrayed him as a caring grandfather. He also made sure his staff was attentive to his clients and their needs. The Sam Bernstein Law Firm became a powerhouse in Detroit. It’s branding was so good, one of Bernstein’s sons now sits on the Michigan Supreme Court. While his other son sits on the University of Michigan Board of Regents. 

Small Law Firm Marketing: Copywriting. Lots And Lots Of Copywriting

Begin a Business Newsletter Through Email Or Text

small law firm marketingOne of the best ways to market your firm is by utilizing an email and text marketing strategy. This strategy does have one drawback. You have to be dedicated to it. You also need to be in it for the long haul to make it work effectively.

This strategy works well because you are delivering a steady stream of information to a captive audience.

You’re also not competing for the prospect’s attention in a flood of social media updates with other attorneys. 

Successful layers create compelling reasons for individuals to sign up for newsletters. This is also critical to maximizing your newsletter lead creation tactics.

The newsletter should include exclusive sales, experiences, and knowledge about your area of the law. However, it’s critical to keep those newsletters coming. The benefits of targeting a captive audience can lead to the acquisition of valuable leads. If you’re not sure where to begin, companies like MailChimp and Constant Contact provide tools to help with le generation.

Create Relevant Blog Content

small law firm marketingOne effective marketing strategy is by creating a steady stream of relevant blog content about the law you practice.

Quality blog content provides value to your target audience.

However, it also does something more. It helps small law firms climb the ladder to the top of the search engines.

When you write a blog it is important to write in short concise sentences. After all, it’s blog post not a legal brief.

Also, make sure you have links that that link to other websites and other article on your website. 

Claim Your Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile is important to have. Why? It creates a profile that shows up on Google Maps. It also shows up in key word searches in the righthand side of the search results page. This allows you to provide full details about your firm. It also makes it easier for clients to find and contact you. Clients can also review your firm. The positive reviews and comments can help to build trust and authority in your firm.

Optimize Your Website

small law firm marketingYour website is a critical tool for small law firm marketing because it converts leads into clients. Your website is the most important tool of establishing what your firm does. How it looks and functions is what gets your phone ringing. 

It is also what differentiates you from other firms. It also needs to have content is consistent with your company’s mission and values. 

The website also contributes to the development of your brand’s identity among clients. Further, ensure that it is user-friendly and easy to use on various devices. Consumers today access websites via multiple devices.

Finally, ensure that the content you publish is valuable, relevant, and informative. Center your content on your client’s needs and what you can do for them. It must instill confidence in your firm. Potential clients want to know they are in good hands with you. 

Having a website is all good but with it comes maintenance and attention. Google loves content. So, you need to write at minimum 2-3 blogs a week or you will not climb the Google ladder.

Focus On Social Media Marketing

small law firm marketingYou also need to backlink your blogs. This is where social media comes into play. Social media is great for lead generation if you have an effective social media marketing. One way is partner with influencers to get your message out. However, you can do the social media marketing yourself. 

The best social media platforms for legal blogs are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Medium. 

Also, you want to join groups on social media platforms that can help you attract clients. This will help boost business awareness and drive up your metrics.

You also want to use attention grabbing and unique visuals for each post. Visuals are the first thing people see on social media. They can help generate significant amount of click throughs to your website.

Guest Content Blogging

Guest blogging is one of under utilized marketing strategies you can use to generate leads. Posting content on other websites can earn links that raise your domain authority and give you wider visibility. 

Appearing on related sites can also establish industry authority and thought leadership. You are also providing value by offering useful information on third party sites. This the act gives the potential client the impression you are passionate about the law. It’s also great for gaining potential client’s trust.

Create Short Form Videos

small law firm marketingThe internet has made TV advertising an outdated and a waste of money. Social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook Reels allow you more options.

They also allow you the ability to reach a more specific audience.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Google do offer “pay-per-click” advertising. This is where you pay for only the people who click on your post or website. 

Additionally, short form videos like social media allow you to interact with your growing audience of potential clients.

You can also answer questions in real time just like on social media.

Short Form Videos also allows people to see you as an expert in your area of the law.

Generating Conversion Assets Is The Best Form Of Marketing

small law firm marketingDriving client leads is essential to the growth of your law firm. One way is to create conversion assets. Conversation assets are one of the most basic and most effective forms of marketing. It’s that final push to sell your firm to a client. This is also where close the deal. Basically, it’s a checklist to give them some additional information. They have checked out your firm’s website. They want to verbally engage with you. This means they are ready to close the deal and hire you and your firm.

This is where a free 15-minute or 30-minute consultation can be extremely helpful. This a great idea because it is the perfect time to find out out last minute details about what they need. Its also time to close the deal and sign up the potential client. This also gives the client to get a better idea of what it’s like to work with you. 

So close that client. As Blake says in Glengarry Glen Ross, “A guy don’t walk on the lot lest he wants to buy. They’re sitting out there waiting to give you their money.”

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