Law Firms Struggle With Client Acquisitions. But Why?

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Law Firms Struggle

Law Firms Struggle With Client Acquisitions. But Why?

Law Firms Struggle With Client Acquisitions Because They Don’t Understand Internet Marketing

Clients are the lifeline of any company. Yet law firms struggle with client acquisitions every day. Why? Law firms fail because they commit one or more of the seven deadly mistakes of internet marketing.

Top 10 Law Firm Websites can help put your law firm back on track and on the map with a sound seven-point internet marketing strategy.

We’ll help you with an effective website focuses on the audience you want to reach. In addition, we’ll also help you build a social media presence that targets specific people and corporate entities you want as clients. 

Law Firms Struggle Because The Firm’s Marketing Is Not Focused

Law Firms StruggleFocus is everything when it comes to business. When a business markets to everyone, they’re actually marketing to no one.

Ask any business, this is 100% true. Yes, law firms a businesses. Thus, same rule applies to them as well.

Think from a customer’s perspective. Who would you choose if you were a potential client looking for a criminal lawyer? 

You’re facing the horrors of 15-20 years in prison. Would you hire a general practice law firm that specializes in nothing?

No. You would hire a law firm that has rolodex full experts qualified and experienced in criminal investigating and nuances of criminal law. 

If you choose the second one, then you’re exactly thinking like the potential clients right there.

Law Firms Don’t Know their Audience

The first important rule to running a successful law firm or business is knowing your audience and where your clients are coming from.

For example, if a law firm only focuses on giving services to startups, then it would probably know that its target audience frequently visits crowd funding sites or sites entrepreneurs use.

Law Firms Struggle Because They Have Bad Reviews

Law firms struggleYou’re going to have unhappy clients. Let’s face it, even William Shakespeare got bad reviews. Lawyers can’t brush off bad reviews like fim studios can.

Unfortunately, in the twenty-first century, reputation management is important more than ever.

Online platforms like FindLaw, Yelp, AVVO, and Lexus Nexus becoming more and more popular among people searching for a lawyer.

You need someone to monitor these platforms and address any negative reviews about your firm before they impact your business.

Also, most attorneys rely on referrals or word-of-mouth. If existing clients don’t like you this is a huge problem for your law company. Why?

Market studies show word-of-mouth and referrals are the biggest source of attracting new clients for any law firm. For example, if a business attorney is dealing with a client who owns a successful business, there are high chances that this client networks with other business owners. As a result, he may recommend you to other business owners.

Lawyers Don’t Project Confidence By Using Professional Pictures

law firms struggleMost lawyers don’t take professionalism seriously. Namely, millennial lawyers. They post pictures of themselves partying on the beach or half naked pictures of themselves on Facebook or other social media platforms. 

Everyone knows that adding a headshot to your professional accounts and website is extremely important. They communicate credibility and authenticity of your law firm. What is more, humans are naturally attracted to images. Therefore, your website needs appropriate images that portray strength and confidence.

Every day, more and more social media platforms are showing up internet search engines. As a result, your personal social media accounts need to reflect a sense of confidence and professionalism as well. 

You want potential clients to imagine you winning their case. If not, they will quickly look for another law firm regardless of your experience and qualification. 

Lawyers Don’t Understand How The Internet Works

Law Firms StruggleMost lawyers don’t get how 21st century marketing works. Let alone, the internet SEO or mobile optimization. 

They still think the Yellow Pages is the best place to advertise. Yes, we have had quite a few lawyers ask me about advertising in the Yellow Pages phone book. 

Some lawyers think internet marketing is like the movie, Field of Dreams.

They are under the impression that if you build a simple one or two page website, clients will flock to you.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. It is more complicated and requires a lot more diligence. Namely, with SEO and social media marketing.

No matter if you like it or not, the future is SEO (search engine optimization). It is a technique that helps brands attracts traffic from search engine sites like Google. Having an optimized site filled with correct keywords is the key to get profitable clients from the web.

The firm’s website also needs a constant flow of fresh content. Search engines love a lot of fresh content.  

Your Law Firm Website Also Needs To Be Optimized For Mobile Devices

law firms struggleIn addition, the website also needs to be optimized for mobile devices. Special optimization is needed to allow people to get the full benefits of your website on a mobile device.

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile apps you could be losing a lot of business.

According to the latest statistics, more than 96% of Americans own a smartphone and more than half of them use their phone to search the internet and to make online purchases. 

This means people are not able to see or interact with your website through smartphone. Plus, if they can’t see you online, they’ll switch to the rival company which is available at all times.

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