July 13, 2024
Hogwarts Legacy Diricawl information:  discover and catch Diricawl

The most effective elements of having the ability to discover the world of Hogwarts Legacy is interacting with all of the magical creatures that inhabit it. Many are hostile, akin to trolls, however there are a selection of beasts that you’ll be able to catch. The Diricawl considerably resembles the extinct dodo, solely tinged inexperienced and orange. Very similar to a dodo, nevertheless, it could really feel unattainable to really discover one. For those who’re on the hunt for a Diricawl in Hogwarts Legacy, this is how you will discover and catch one.

A wizard looking at three Diricawls.

The place to seek out Diricawl

Diricawl are flightless birds, so fortunately, you will not want to look the skies for them. They dwell in dens, with 5 scattered across the map you possibly can go to.

Step 1: The closest Diricawl den is to the northwest of Keenbridge in some ruins. There are some enemies close by, so method with warning.

Step 2: A second den is to the far southwest of Poidsear Coast. For those who quick journey to the South Poidsear Coast Floo Flame, you then want to easily head west on the map to the place the river terminates.

Step 3: A 3rd den is only a bit to the southwest of the Marunweem Floo Flame alongside the coast.

Step 4: The ultimate two dens are each within the Clagmar Coast. From the Clagmar Fortress Floo Flame, one is on the northern shore and the opposite on the western one.

A wizard pulling a diricawl into a sack.

catch Diricawl

As soon as you’ve got discovered these sneaky birds, the actual trick will probably be truly capturing one. This is the methods you’ll want to know.

Step 1: Equip your Nab Sack, and Glacious and Arresto Momentum spells.

Step 2: Forged both of those spells on the Diricawl from a distance. For those who get too shut, they are going to teleport away.

Step 3: As soon as immobilized, shut in and use your Nab Sack. You have to to replenish 4 meters on the sack to completely seize them, however you must have the ability to do it if you’re fast sufficient after casting both of these spells.

A description of the diricawl beast.

What do Diricawls provide you with?

Saving and taking good care of Diricawl within the Vivarium will reward you with, you guessed it, Diricawl Feathers. These are uncommon supplies that you’ll want to improve your gear as soon as it reaches a sure stage. They’re additionally crucial for crafting a ton of stage two traits. Whilst you cannot mount this particular beast, they’re price monitoring down for a supply of those essential improve supplies.

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