Compensation For Covid-19 Health Care Related Deaths

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Compensation For Covid-19 Health Care Related Deaths

Compensation For Covid-19 Health Care Related Deaths

Attention Lawyers! You Could Have Clients Who Qualify For Compensation For Covid-19 Health Care Related Deaths

What happens if a loved one passed away receiving COVID-19 health care?

covid-19 health careHealth care providers have fought hard for patients during the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, providers couldn’t save everyone receiving Covid-19 health care.

Both federal and state governments has granted health care providers broad immunity from liability. The federal government has also given broad immunity to vaccine manufacturers.

However, victims and their families do have a remedy.  

There is a possibility families of Covid-19 victims can file for compensation.The government has made filing these claims relatively pain free.

Victims will not interfere with their provider/patient relations if they file a claim. In addition, lawyers and victims can also file without the need of filing an expensive personal injury lawsuit with the court.  

If a person has received certain types of defined medical treatment that resulted in his/her death, his/her family may be able to recover a death benefit in the amount of $365,670. 

These claims made against the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) fund. Claims filed against the fund also do not impact providers or their malpractice insurance because they are not a lawsuit.

Attorneys also do not have to file a lawsuit on behalf of their clients to collect this money. The government has set money aside for this program to aid Covid-19 victims.  

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