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Best Law Firm Marketing

Best Law Firm Marketing Tips

Only The Best Law Firm Marketing Strategies Can Propel Your Law Firm Into the Stratosphere

Best Law Firm MarketingSo you need the best law firm marketing strategies to propel your firm to the next level? You’ve heard online marketing works, but you’re not sure where to start.

It can be quite overwhelming with the alphabet sou of Google, Facebook, PPC, SEO, and online reviews. It can be quite confusing.

Of course, there are a plethora of consultants who will also claim that their solutions are the best.

How do you know what law firm marketing tactics will work for you? How do you know what to invest in and what to ignore?

At Top 10 Law Firm Websites, we have our clients think about these 16 things before we have our initial strategy session. 

Best Law Firm Marketing Strategies

 Take Advantage Of Free Law Firm Marketing Options

There are a plethora of free websites where you advertise your law firm that show up on internet search engines. The obvious three site for law firms are Avvo, LinkedIn and Google My Business. However, there are also websites and SEO tricks to getting your name filtered through the chaos of the internet that most lawyers don’t know about.

Position Yourself As A Leader In Your Area Of Practice

Best Law Firm MarketingThe key to internet marketing is content. Content consists of things like blogs and videos. Internet marketing experts also say monthly newsletters also work. However, that will depend on your ideal/target clients.

You also need to market yourself up as an expert in the area of law you want to practice. In addition, you also have to sell yourself as an expert on the phone with the potential client.

Also invest in SEO that promotes the typ law you practice. Also, put video on your website that videos that offer free information to potential clients. This often called freemium services and it is one of the most important things lawyers can do. Law firms that offer valuable information to potential clients for free increase see a dramatic increase in SEO. This also draws in a lot of clients. 

Create Educational Content And Promote It In The Right Places

Law firms get the most traction by writing timely educational articles. Successful law firms post these articles not only post these articles to their website but social media sites as well. Top 10 Law Firm Websites has found the most immediate results for our clients come by posting to LinkedIn.

Build Meaningful Relationships Long-Term Relationships With Clients

Best Law Firm MarketingLaw firms are businesses and business is still based on relationships. That’s why it’s important be perceived as contributing to the community.

A website is essential for credibility and general info. However, networking and relationships have and always will be key.

The internet and video chatting have allowed small business owner and law firms to build relationships with people hundreds of miles away.

This also opens all kinds of opportunities that were unavailable 20 years ago. Law firms who build relationships also secure a steady stream of referrals.

Focus On Securing Referrals

There is one thing more important than a modern and interactive website. It is referrals. Yes, an interactive and targeted website with lots of blog content can generate referrals. However, you also have commit to the basics of quality of customer service. Namely, answer your client’s phone calls or return them in a timely manner. 

Another way to get referrals is becoming friendly with journalists. I know, you’re thinking, “Why should I talk to “fake” news or the “liberal” media.”

There are three reasons why you should do this:

  1. Journalists are always looking for stories to pitch to their editors. If your creative enough, you can control the narrative of their article. 
  2. Those articles give you credibility.
  3. They will also get the phone ringing.

Don’t Underestimate The Power of Word-of-Mouth

Best Law Firm Marketing

The best marketing is word-of-mouth. It always has been and always will be. Past clients are the best source of getting new clients. This is especially true if your legal specialty is something everyone will need like divorce or estate planning. 

That’s why quality customer service is key to keeping referrals coming. That’s right. Lawyers need to return a client’s call within 24-48 hours.

Most legal clients only deal with a lawyer once in their life.  Thus, making a client wait 2-3 weeks for a return a phone isn’t going to motivate the client to refer you. 

Prioritize Online Reviews

Social MediaOnline profiles on Avvo and other social media platforms usually give lawyers the best return on their investment.

The plethora of platforms gives you a lot of options to place your firm’s information and links to your website.  

However, with online profiles comes reviews and comments about your firm and about you personally. 

Good online reviews draw in business.

Unfortunately, a handful of bad reviews can sink your online reputation even if they are not justified or real. 

Build A Quality Interactive Website That Convinces People To Retain You

Law Firms StruggleThe best leads will always come straight from your firm’s website. Top 10 Law Firm Websites recommends not using the name of your firm as the domain.

Instead, use a domain name of a search term that people will use look for lawyer in the area of law you practice.

For example, if you are a divorce lawyer in Manhattan and want clients in Manhattan use or something similar. 

This will help your firm rank you higher in search engines when people do an internet search for, “Manhattan Divorce Lawyers.”

Law firms also need high quality interactive websites that projects confidence and tells potential clients, “We will fight hard for you!” 

Call 800.516.1365 today or contact us here to learn how Top 10 Law Firm Websites can help you!

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